Where to find us 


We are about 1 mile from the city centre on Alma Street, S3 8RY in the vibrant Kelham Island district of Sheffield. 

Kelham Island Museum


Located in one of the city’s oldest industrial districts, Kelham Island Museum stands on a man-made island over 900 years old.  The island was created when the goit was made to syphon water from the River Don to power water wheels that turned the town’s corn mill in the 1100s. The site was home to Crawley Iron Works in 1829 which was later demolished and an electric generating station was built to power the old tram network from 1900-1960. This building now houses the collections, displays and workshops of Kelham Island Museum.


The museum’s star attraction, the River Don Engine, was built in 1905 to power the rolling mill at Charles Cammell’s Grimethorpe Works.  It is the most powerful surviving steam engine in Europe and visitors can see it ‘in steam’. From early industrialisation to modern times, the interactive galleries tell the story of light trades and skilled workmanship to mass production. Displays focus on Sheffield’s renowned contribution to steel making, cutlery and toolmaking industries and its worldwide reputation for quality and craftsmanship.


The museum also boasts an unrivalled range of large objects such as the Sheffield Simplex car and the Crossley horizonal gas engine.  Visitors can also see the world-renowned Hawley Tool Collection which consists of over 100,000 objects.

Kelham Island Museum (credit Joe Horner)
Kelham Island Museum - River Don Engine

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